Manchester based poet and alternative Hip-hop artist Dámì found comfort writing in the solitude of his room, a place where he could express his feelings and emotions without restriction. He took his poems onto open mic stages around Manchester, performing for ears ready to be filled with poetry of a different kind.


The confidence Dami gained from those shows lead to his first song titled ‘Suffering and Smiling’, inspired by the musical genius of Fela Kuti. Dámì’s thought-provoking statements were noticed by Spotify, who added ‘Suffering and Smiling’ to their Spoken Word playlist. Dami’s follow-up track ‘Everything’ was similarly included.


“There is something special about showing how poetry can be conveyed in multiple ways. I want to take my art of poetry into rhythms to show how what we listen to affects us in a subconscious way. I want to stand not just as a preacher of positive messages, but as a person whose actions speaks for his words. I want to show there is worth in every emotion and feeling.” Dámì

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